The Tiziano Project: Take a Step Back

YouTube has 800 million unique users, and the content is often used in other websites and blogs, so that views of popular videos can reach into the billions. The Tiziano Project tries to connect those viewers with the people in conflict zones and under-reported areas who may never see TV crews in their communities or have an opportunity to speak with reporters.

“The communication revolution has brought people, young and old, closer together to share in a universal conversation. It is morally unacceptable to have YouTube and undocumented injustice in the world at the same point in human history.”

– Andrew McGregor, President & Founder of The Tiziano Project

We spoke with Victoria Fine, the director of programming for The Tiziano Project, about how she trains people in these areas to tell their stories in compelling ways. Victoria and her colleagues don’t just arrive in other countries, hand cameras to people and then show them how to upload to YouTube. They teach them basic storytelling, and help them make their message as engaging as possible.