Fernando Pullum: Twenty Push-Ups

Watch a video of Fernando Pullum’s students:

“When you make mistakes, you do push-ups. We call it ‘celebrating’… because, if you can recognize your mistake, then you can fix it. So we do five push-ups, because we recognize that mistake. And then, if you do twenty one day, the next day you try to do fifteen. You’re trying to get some type of internal push, because if I’m away from you, you need to, baby, survive on your own. It just works better, because everyone has their own accountability. And then we make it: if you think you made a mistake, celebrate. It’s not this brutal thing where we just have people doing push-ups all the time… we’re gonna go over this three or four times; now, you should know it. And then, the weird part is, I have kids that I have designated as leaders. They have to do twice the amount. If everyone’s doing five, they’re doing ten. If this is their group of students–when they come back, everyone has to be able to play–then you all have to celebrate together. And then when I make a mistake, if he’s doing ten, I have to do twenty! And I do it gladly. It’s not going to kill me, it’s going to make me stronger. What are twenty push-ups going to do to me?… Anything that I ask somebody to do, I have to be able to do it.” –musician and arts educator Fernando Pullum, of the Fernando Pullum Community Arts Center

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Fernando Pullum interview by engine29