Chon Noriega: Questioning the Questions

“I’ve been talking to the press and it’s usually quite clear that they already have the questions figured out and they already know what the answers are. And I am going to fill one of two positions. The position that’s for what the answer is or that’s against it. And it’s very clear.”

—Chon Noriega directs UCLA’s Chicano Studies Research Center. He also co-curated five shows for Pacific Standard Time. Listen to him make his main points here:


“There are no centers anymore. There are multiple centers, multiple histories that are occurring side by side. And many of them have different logics at work that have to be in some ways tapped into or understood that give a sense of what is valuable there, what is worth translating into that broad common realm that the newspaper can represent.”

chon 1
“There’s a kind of endpoint, a teleology about where the history of art goes. And it’s kind of astounding to me to see the extent it is still held to when in fact what is happening in the cultural field is so diverse.”