Moving Experience: An Introduction

Art is everywhere. As arts journalists, we hear that a lot. But what does it actually mean? We spend most of our careers high-tailing it to a hot gallery opening; prowling for an elusive parking space near the theater. We're not looking for art on the way there: on the sidewalks, in the … [Read More...]

What We Learned

Art does not exist in a vacuum. It's infused with social issues, laden with political implications. And it's intertwined with its physical geography. After four days of reporting the arts from the … [Read More...]

Join the Movement: Street Journalism

In November 2011, three arts journalists, Joshua Samuel Brown, Michele Siegel and Alissa Walker embarked upon our USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Fellowship with the goal of discovering a new … [Read More...]

What We Did: South Central Folk Art Tour

You see so much more from a bicycle seat. And this is why—despite long standing rumors to the … [Read More...]

What We Heard: Art on the Bus…

Anne Bray, co-founder of Freewaves, an organization committed to art in public places, describes the … [Read More...]

What We Did: Cultural Ecology…

It’s Sunday, the second full day of the fellowship, and my plan is to spend the day using my helmet camera to create a series of digital map of a few of L.A.’s Asian cultural areas.   The route should … [Read More...]

What We Heard: How Streets Work

I came to Los Angeles this week knowing I was going to be covering the city on foot, bike, and … [Read More...]

What We Did: Dull Chinatown Day and Is It Art?

On the third day of my exploration of L.A. by bicycle I decided to set a somewhat less ambitious … [Read More...]

What We Heard: Mobile Mural Lab

David Russell and Roberto del Hoyo are graffiti artists frustrated with the mural situation in Los … [Read More...]

What We Did: A Moving Violation

It's just after 12pm, and I'm in the lab chugging through a ton of digital stills, thousands of … [Read More...]