The Project

Like many traditional media companies, The Cleveland Plain Dealer is looking for fresh approaches to delivering the news and engaging … [Read More...]

The Challenge

The challenge was to retool the site to encourage more community engagement. First, our team conducted a site … [Read More...]

Why We Did What We Did

The Engine 29 Garage team breaks down the redesign section by section, explaining what features are what, and the … [Read More...]

Our Links to Whitman and Lincoln

To navigate our project, our team of four veteran print journalists drove into a garage. Our mission: how might we tune … [Read More...]

Thinking About a New Model

I've spent more than four years on the online side of the arts-and-entertainment news team at The Plain Dealer, … [Read More...]

Principles & Values

After a week of exploring, here are the 10 guiding principles the Engine29 Garage Team used in redesigning the community-theater … [Read More...]

Three Versions of a Site

Current Site

A Redesigned Site

Fantasy Site