Game On!

"Gamer." For many people of a certain age -- and quite a few arts aficionados -- that's a four-letter word (despite the actual letter count). The best-case scenario, in those eyes: It's something you grow out of. Worst case? A hopeless nerd, usually a white teenage boy, buried in worlds of weirdcraft till the end of time. But what if those five letters actually offer arts journalists a path … [Read More...]

Questions We Struggled With

If Rick is the visionary in our group, I am the inquisitor.  My first question was this: “Farmville? Really?” But we had more serious questions to confront. What problem in arts journalism … [Read More...]

A Skeptic’s View

A skeptic might ask: How is this City of Angels game of arts journalism better than other forms of storytelling, to communicate our ideas about the Stahl House and Julius Shulman’s famous … [Read More...]

What We Learned

So "gamer" may not be a four-letter word after all. (Though everybody -- arts journalists, gamers, game developers -- seems to think that FarmVille is...) But everybody also agrees that the … [Read More...]

A Game That Works

Jeff Watson may be the Orson Welles of social media cinema. The Canadian PhD candidate at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts has devised a playful deception to entice freshmen students to enter the movie … [Read More...]

Planting Art in FarmVille

You get up early on the farm.  This morning I was notified that the lilacs were in bloom, so I moseyed over to the plot, picked them and sent them off to market. … [Read More...]

Dreaming Up Other Corners of ‘City of Angels’

Looking to dive deeper into the world of City of Angels? Here's a trio of ideas we discussed: Fantasy Museum A major, encyclopedic museum exists in Sashaville. You run it. You play Museum … [Read More...]