Project 1

Audience/Community Engagement Proposal: For people walking into a physics classroom for the first time, it's easy to be intimidated by the subject matter. The textbook itself is the size and weight of a paver on the Appian Way. But imagine going to that same class taught by Carl Sagan. Sagan, as you'll recall, led people down a path of discovery in his books and television shows. He made you feel as though you were exploring the world alongside him. Who wouldn't want to be in the front … [Read more...]

Project 2

A CULTURAL TIMELINE FOR LOS ANGELES This past summer, I reported a number of stories related to exhibits that are part of Pacific Standard Time. In doing my research, individual curators and the catalogue essays they produced were extraordinarily helpful in shedding light on the particulars of individual artists and movements. Through my reporting, I discovered that Knud Merrild, a Danish artist based in Los Angeles, produced drip paintings in 1942, five years before Jackson Pollock did the … [Read more...]

Project 3

Worst Art For my project, I would be interested in doing interviews with Los Angeles artists about the worst piece of art they ever made. It’s a slightly tricky topic because you have to find artists who will admit to/acknowledge making bad art and are comfortable with talking about it. I think every artist has a “worst piece of art” but it can be a fairly intimate thing to discuss and it not only involves sharing a story about failing but it reveals how an artist thinks about and evaluates … [Read more...]

Project 4

1- Audience/Community engagement One of the most eye-opening experiences I had during my stay in Los Angeles in 2008 was our walk through Skid Row. I knew nothing about the existence of such a large homeless ghetto in L.A. or in the United States, for that matter. I remember feeling overwhelmed as we walked through street after street lined with homeless people sitting or lying on the sidewalk, and appalled by the fact that such a “lost city” within the megalopolis of Los Angeles would … [Read more...]

Project 5

As I begin to write this proposal, people are waiting in line on either sides of the country to see two American museum shows which have shattered previous records for attendance. In New York, the Alexander McQueen retrospective at the Met saw the most ever people through its doors for a fashion exhibition, and it also achieved another milestone—it actually translated those numbers into new memberships. In Los Angeles, the Art in the Streets show at MOCA succeeded in not only flooding its Little … [Read more...]

Project 6

ART IS THE ANTIDOTE A series on the impact of arts in Angelenos’ lives or… vice versa? The second decade of the XXI is starting in turmoil. The economic crisis is taken over countries around the world and its citizens are starting to rise up. “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore”. The line that Peter Finch screamed in Sidney Lumet’ s masterpiece ‘Network’ it seems more current than ever, even if it is thirty years old. Are the different expressions of culture affected in … [Read more...]

Project 7

I'm interested in explorations of the 'margins' of the cultural core of Los Angeles: Orange County, the San Fernando Valley, the Inland Empire, and farther afield, Ventura and San Diego counties. I'd like to in particular explore cultural connections between Latin alternative music in the margins of Los Angeles with Latin alternative music in Mexico City and Mexico's cultural cores. In Mexico City, the corresponding regions are Satelite, Ciudad Neza, Ecatepec, Villa Coapa, and elsewhere. What … [Read more...]

Project 8

The project I would like to propose expands upon an article I wrote that traced the recent use of trash and garbage as a subject matter for emerging contemporary visual artists, and also delved into earlier artistic precedents. I have continued to research and reflect upon the broader implications of this theme, which seems to be an inexhaustible source. In fact, at the current Venice Biennale, Klara Liden's installation of 10 public trashcans won special mention among the Golden Lion awards. … [Read more...]

Project 9

THE TEN EVENTS THAT CHANGED LOS ANGELES CULTURE Los Angeles has emerged as a creative crucible in recent years. It has produced or embraced a number of artists who – a generation earlier - might have left for the art centres of New York or Europe. What are the events that have transformed Los Angeles culture? I am interested in looking across the arts spectrum at exhibitions and visual arts practice, architecture and performances in theatre, music, dance, cross-art to generate debate on … [Read more...]

Project 10

The project I am proposing here is an outgrowth of an initiative I am already coordinating with several local news outlets. We are in the very early stages of building a comprehensive online guide to community theater in Northeast Ohio. It is a test project, which we launched in early June in collaboration with 30 non-Equity theaters in Northeast Ohio. It is still very much a work in progress and is developing slowly. But if it works out, my hope is to expand the concept to other areas of the … [Read more...]