How to use the Southern California Time Machine

The Southern California Time Machine is a comprehensive timeline marking the most important cultural events in the region against a backdrop of significant national and international news. This includes entries devoted to music, film, visual arts and popular culture with important political events used as markers. To browse the timeline, click “Start” in the pop-up box above. You can browse the entries by using the green arrow buttons on the right-hand navigation bar to scroll backwards and … [Read more...]

The SoCal Time Machine: The Thinking Behind the Timeline

How do you tell the story of L.A.? A vast metropolitan area that is eighty miles wide and a hundred miles long; a city of villages that are as interconnected as they are isolated; a sprawling urban-desert carpet that is a million different places at once. In conceiving and building the Southern California Time Machine, our group sought to see if there was a way that we could better understand the cultural history of Los Angeles in a way that didn't involve linear narrative (a style of … [Read more...]

About Carolina A. Miranda

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