Project 3

Worst Art
For my project, I would be interested in doing interviews with Los Angeles artists about the worst piece of art they ever made. It’s a slightly tricky topic because you have to find artists who will admit to/acknowledge making bad art and are comfortable with talking about it. I think every artist has a “worst piece of art” but it can be a fairly intimate thing to discuss and it not only involves sharing a story about failing but it reveals how an artist thinks about and evaluates artwork. It’s not about providing Schadenfreude for the reader but finding the value – and humor – in trying and failing. And as opposed to a critic offering up assessments, the artists themselves offer up a frank and critical assessment of past work. There are a number of LA artists I am interested in talking to, and for news hook purposes, some of them have work in Pacific Standard Time shows. I think it’s especially enlightening to look at what older and well-established artists consider their “worst art.”

For group project purposes, maybe some of us interview people who work in different art forms about their worst stuff? Theater, film, music, architecture, dance?

Audio Slideshows
(These could be a format for “Worst Art” or explore other ideas.)
We’ve been doing some grant-funded audio slideshows at my publication. I’ve interviewed artists about their work and we’ve edited out the questions so it’s just the artist talking. We could, of course, apply it to a number of subjects and topics and do interviews, reviews, etc. We could put together reviews from recorded viewer comments and lay them over images of a show. Or we could have several of us pick some works and talk about them over the images. It would be a nice collaboration and we would need a decent photographer and good audio and video people. I think most of us can do all those things to one degree or another – my photos are fine, my video is okay but basic and I’m pretty slow and not super slick with audio stuff.