Project 13

Here’s a couple of project ideas tied to events happening in LA in mid – November.

1. Enhanced preview and review.
For the LA Master Chorale’s Nov. 13 concert, which happily involves music from three very different areas (jazz, new music, classical/Baroque), we set up a coverage page a week in advance. Journalist/editor writes standard preview, and invites other journalists or bloggers who are interested in each field to write separate 800 word max pieces on the composers involved (Newton, Lang, Bach). We post audio links or podcasts of examples of their music. Then after the concert, we each write reviews and solicit responses/conversation about it from anyone interested. LAMC posts audio excerpts of the performance, using Instant Encore or its own setup. Journalist writes a review, and includes an Amazon like “if you liked this” box pointing audiences toward upcoming performances, existing recordings, etc. that they might also find intriguing.

2. New Media focus.
For non event-limited coverage (of course this could be done for events, too), we set up a two-week project page for LA’s Iota Center. This would be extended to other groups too, in continuing coverage. Every two weeks, it’s a different organization or topic — e.g. LA’s visual music subculture. The artist/organizations posts a recording/video work in progress or completed work. The journalist writes either a standard preview feature/Q&A/ whatever (for event oriented coverage) or an interpretive/provocative essay pertaining to a related arts topic (in this case, the visual music subculture of LA). Then the journalist curates the page by inviting other commentators (e.g. academics, artists, the organization) to post, and throws the discussion open to anyone who wants to post. At the end of two weeks, the comments are closed.