Project 19

Here’s a brief proposal, stemming from some discussion about doing
a video project and emphasizing the art of the interview …


We will explore LA’s multiple creative sides on-camera with a blend of interviews with both average Angelenos and arranged sit-down interviews with people working in the many creative fields here — from music, video games, film and TV (including set design or other often-overlooked creative workers in that industry).

We’ll start by asking them to describe the most creative thing they’ve done/made. Then we’ll delve deeper in an interview to get at inspirations, process, et cetera. For our man-on-the-street interviews, we’ll set up
video camera interview stations in three different locations around the city. Each video interview will then be edited down to a specific time limit (perhaps 2 minutes?) and each will be hosted on a website such as Tumblr that allows additional submissions online. The goal is in the first step, emphasize the art of the interview, then in the second step, emphasize the ability of arts journalists to curate a discussion by opening discussion/dialogue with those who are interested, by allowing them to use our structure, questions and approach to join in.